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created 1 year, 178 days ago

62 Douglas Ln, Waterford, CT 06385

3 acres with potential for 11 more

ask $129k been on the market since 2015 original ask $164k

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created 1 year, 192 days ago

jamie [1:36 PM]
did you just pull down that go repo to work on?

russellbal [1:31 PM]
I cloned it with normal git, maybe I should have `go get` it?

jamie [1:32 PM]
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created 1 year, 193 days ago

At this point spam is not really an issue. I currently manually moderate all comments that come into the system. Obviously this isn't going to scale for too much longer but it was the quickest way to move forward. In the long term when spam becomes more of an issue (because t inevitably will) I'm planning to allow paying users to input an Akismet API key.

If we grow out of that I can implement my own bayesian database to to learn to filter spam.

The sky is the limit in cat and mouse. I'm just waiting for the mouse to become smarter then what I currently have in place.

The other option is to prevent comments from showing up until it has been explicitly approved.  That option is already in place for paying users.
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created 1 year, 193 days ago

1. Always add no follow to `a` tags, unless url is relative 
   or points to the namespace domain.

2. Always remove script tags, unless mathjax is enabled,
   in which case allow script tags and remove them using beautiful soup,
   with the exception of mathjax.

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created 1 year, 208 days ago

" determine highlighing and indent from filetype "
filetype plugin indent on

" syntax highlighting "
syntax on

" show column, row, and line numbers. "
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created 1 year, 217 days ago

import time

DATADOG_METRIC_TYPES = {"count", "gauge", "histogram", "check"}

class CheckStatus(object):
    OK = 0
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created 1 year, 221 days ago

diff --git a/checks.d/ b/checks.d/
index d8b5b4a..ca493b9 100644
--- a/checks.d/
+++ b/checks.d/
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ from math import ceil
 # project
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created 1 year, 234 days ago

# pip install
from github3 import login as github_login

import argparse

import code
import getpass
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created 1 year, 245 days ago

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created 1 year, 249 days ago

[fox@blanka autospotting]$ make build
GOOS=linux go build -ldflags="-X main.Version=custom-10033c8 -X main.ExpirationDate=08-Feb-2118" -o autospotting
./autospotting.go:153:2: undefined: lag
make: *** [Makefile:39: build] Error 2
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created 1 year, 250 days ago

(env) laptop-124:botoform russellballestrini$ bf --region us-east-1 cli stage

You are now connected to vpc-xxxxxxx (stage) in us-east-1

You now have access to the evpc object, for example: evpc.roles

>>> test1 = evpc.boto.ec2_client.describe_spot_price_history(
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created 1 year, 253 days ago

58 - 

AP - printers - computers - monitors = 16 watts

boys radio idle ~= 3 watts

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created 1 year, 254 days ago



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created 1 year, 261 days ago

[X] Curb Reversed pole on a sensor?

[X] Curb Switch bonus and washer with kitchen/dining (and maybe basement)

[X] Curb 100 amp CTs for mains

[X] Curb Bedroom 2 mislabeled?
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created 1 year, 269 days ago

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created 1 year, 280 days ago

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created 1 year, 284 days ago

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created 1 year, 301 days ago

empire.ami	base build.yml filter_plugins packer.json roles run run.yml unknown configuration key: "ena_support"
error	empire.ami	exit status 1
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created 1 year, 305 days ago

If an an autodeployment transitions to the 'ready' state,
we don't need to require context checks when creating the GitHub Deployment.

An AutoDeployment basically just tracks the state of a commit,
then does a `/deploy` once it transitions to the "ready" state.

Basically, that logic is encapsulated here:
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created 1 year, 306 days ago

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "Stmt1513189156000",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
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