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 Invalid token

expected = e7a5ebd830d9f78d23293014bf2e79db0d8cb747
supplied = 964f9355bf71c70f5c0fa7bfa72e354db78b5d51
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from random import choice

death_msg = [
   "you wake up surrounded by magma with a lava cloud about to rain on your head! You were very unlucky ...",
   "you wake up in the end of the world with zombies everywhere! Too Bad!!!",
   "You woke up buried alive!",
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  # this broke sometime in 2015 release of salt...
    - name: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
    - regex: server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;
    - require:
      - pkg: nginx
    - watch_in:
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<#if trigger == "start">
<#elseif trigger == "failure">
<#elseif trigger == "success">
</#if> - 
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blink | blink | blink | the cursor on the empty page flashed like a visual metronome. 

Then like a toppled glass the words poured like water onto the screen.

We in the industry call this flow or getting in the zone.

Ideas and thoughts flow through you as if coming from a higher place.
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    for namespace in request.dbsession.query(m.Namespace).all():
        for user in namespace.owners:
            namespace.set_role_for_user(user, "owner")
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russellbal [6:35 PM]
I came up with a new SaaS idea today.
Aggregated (digest) notifications as a service.
jamie [6:36 PM]
is dat twitter
russellbal [6:37 PM]
You punt a fire hose of notifications at it and based on user (destination) settings it aggregates daily / weekly (edited)
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Automatic Watching:

[ ] automatically watch any threads I participate in.
[x] automatically watch any threads I create.

Reply Notifications:
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<!-- Remarkbox - Your readers want to communicate with you -->
<div id="remarkbox-div">
    <iframe id=remarkbox-iframe src="" style="height:600px;width:100%;border:none!important" tabindex=0></iframe>
<script src=""></script>
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  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": {
    "Effect": "Allow",
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>>> # given a list of (qty, price) tuples:
>>> purchases = [(1003.20, 13.25), (15.86, 13.87), (65.31, 13.78), (16.02, 13.73), (15.88, 13.85), (73.41, 13.7
6), (74.74, 13.38), (74.074, 13.5), (16.141, 13.63), (15.99, 13.76), (16.09,13.67)]

>>> # figure out the total quantity of shares:
>>> total_qty_shares = sum(map(lambda x : x[0], purchases))
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created 1 year, 74 days ago

import pychromecast

if __name__ == "__main__":
    cast = pychromecast.get_chromecasts()[0]
    mc = cast.media_controller
    mc.play_media("", content_type = "video/mp4")
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3-6 minutes put site into maint mode? (I don't think anyone knows how long this takes)
1-3 minutes to take an aurora snapshot
2-3 minutes to PR stacks with the ARN of the snapshot

4-8 minutes ClusterParameterGroup CREATE_IN_PROGRESS Resource creation Initiated

45-60 minutes DBCluster CREATE_IN_PROGRESS Resource creation Initiated
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created 1 year, 86 days ago

62 Douglas Ln, Waterford, CT 06385

3 acres with potential for 11 more

ask $129k been on the market since 2015 original ask $164k

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created 1 year, 100 days ago

jamie [1:36 PM]
did you just pull down that go repo to work on?

russellbal [1:31 PM]
I cloned it with normal git, maybe I should have `go get` it?

jamie [1:32 PM]
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created 1 year, 101 days ago

At this point spam is not really an issue. I currently manually moderate all comments that come into the system. Obviously this isn't going to scale for too much longer but it was the quickest way to move forward. In the long term when spam becomes more of an issue (because t inevitably will) I'm planning to allow paying users to input an Akismet API key.

If we grow out of that I can implement my own bayesian database to to learn to filter spam.

The sky is the limit in cat and mouse. I'm just waiting for the mouse to become smarter then what I currently have in place.

The other option is to prevent comments from showing up until it has been explicitly approved.  That option is already in place for paying users.
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1. Always add no follow to `a` tags, unless url is relative 
   or points to the namespace domain.

2. Always remove script tags, unless mathjax is enabled,
   in which case allow script tags and remove them using beautiful soup,
   with the exception of mathjax.

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