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"denial of love"

The plot revolves around a magic ring that grants the power to rule the world, forged by the Nibelung dwarf Alberich from gold he stole from the Rhine maidens in the river Rhine. Wagner described the Ring itself as a Rune-magic taufr ("tine", or "talisman"), intended to rule the feminine multiplicative power by a fearful magical act termed "denial of love" (Liebesverzicht).
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The Right Way, The Trivium, The Path Towards Illumination.

TRUTH - The all knowing all seeing omnipotent natural universe which we have a special connection and natural understanding of. Nature. God. The Universe. In binary this would be 1. The Unified Field. Father.

FREEDOM - Sun. The Child Spirit To Play and Create. Son.

LOVE - Voluntary Passion, Drive, Motivation, Law of Attraction. Cooperation. Amplifier. Replicator. Wu Wei. Waters. Godly Bodily Fluids of Head and Genitals. Blood. Holy Spirit.
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FEED EGG SHELLS TO HENS - Permaculture Solar Oven Cooks To Kill Bacteria On Calcium Chicken Grit!

With 3 out of 6 Leghorn Hens into production I have been trying to think of ways to feed the girls something to act as a catalyst for the remainder. I've decided the best course of action is to raise their access to calcium using a makeshift temporary reclaimed solar oven made out of the temperature hardened glass of a refrigerator shelf. I will cook the egg shells for a couple of hours and then grind the shells for grit supplemental feed!

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This is the 5th endemic Corona virus and it will become less viral and lethal over time as people gain immunity.

Government overstep on citizens natural rights using fear and
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Russell Ballestrini | unturf.

HOW TO GROW SUNCHOKES - A High Calorie Perennial Food Crop Which Thrives In HOT Or COLD Climates!

Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichoke) are a high calorie food crop which yields extremely well in hot or cold climates. You could plant sunchokes in Autumn, from roots harvested that year or in the Spring from spring dug roots. Tubers store best in soil so only disturb & harvest to eat, propagate, or sell (wink-wink future self). And yes, it's safe to store tubers in-place in the earth over winter. In the case of the beginner, best not to disturb at all for a couple years!

Sunchokes prefer full sun and 12-16 hour days, choose your worst land with the best sun coverage and plant in that location. Use compost, or chop and drop biomass as a mulch to help them get established. Optionally mulch with woodchips. Water well to promote growth. Sunchokes do not mind dry times once fully established. Mice and voles will eat your crop so planting a bit deeper might help give the rhizome a chance to grow with less pest pressure. Choose a spot where you will always want sunchokes, they often are impossible to fully remove from a sunny location once established. Even with heavy harvest of tubers the plant bounces back year over year. Good luck!
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You have to put action (process) toward your goal. Working on an action in your imagination (climbing mental the ladder) teaches you how to do it in real life.

If you climb the ladder when awake, on accident even though you are trying to use will power not to, you have just witnessed yourself in a flow state.

While you are in the flow state, the things you practice in your mental world will naturally emit out of you during your awake life.

You need to start visualizing ideas in your mental world to make money, pick the most meaningful path to you at this time and then visualize what you will do, who will help you, how you will do it, why, and just keep that life alive. If the universe presents you an opportunity you will have practiced and if you climb that ladder money will flow your way.
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Communication is key, our biggest fights are typically a miscommunication which is reacted to abruptly. No harm in slowing down to try to think. Everyone is having shaky moments lately. We are experiencing a slow motion collapse, a hyped up virus was leaked from a lab like pandora's box and has put us all in a haze.

Just remember Truth, Love, and Freedom and try to hold Right mindset when you interact with the world.

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Parallax css examples for landing pages.

Sync a public github repo to a private gitlab repo and trigger runners to deploy application or static website.

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Goal 1:

Cloud Security including User Access Control Pipeline

Deploy and manage PhishMe & Production AWS Account Security for 99.99% Access uptime for the next 9 months.
Continue to build and maintain the User Access Control pipelines which grant access to our business essential, production operational infrastructure.

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Coupon code for Misfit Market

Up to 40% off!
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wget -O /tmp/amazon-ssm-agent.deb
echo "scheduling /tmp/amazon-ssm-agent.deb"
echo "sudo dpkg -i /tmp/amazon-ssm-agent.deb" | at now +3 minutes
echo "sudo snap remove amazon-ssm-agent"
sudo snap remove amazon-ssm-agent 2>&1
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# reference:

             # if no active cart in session, create one.
             cart = Cart()

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sudo su -
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade -y
apt-get dist-upgrade -y
shutdown -r now

sudo su -
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1ft =  30.5cm
4ft = 122cm
8ft = 244cm

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           ├─ 3237 /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/xvfb-run --auto-servernum --wait=1 --server-args='-screen 0, 1024x768x24' /usr/bin/cutycapt --url='' --out='/ww
           ├─ 3238 /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/xvfb-run --auto-servernum --wait=1 --server-args='-screen 0, 1024x768x24' /usr/bin/cutycapt --url='' --out='/ww
           ├─ 3239 /bin/sh /usr/bin/xvfb-run --auto-servernum --wait=1 --server-args=-screen 0, 1024x768x24 /usr/bin/cutycapt --url= --out=/www/linkpe
           ├─ 3240 /bin/sh /usr/bin/xvfb-run --auto-servernum --wait=1 --server-args=-screen 0, 1024x768x24 /usr/bin/cutycapt --url=https

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Wordsmithing the story sentence for the BMC/Feasibility:

(respond in thread please, rather than a separate post)

"Our team holds the highest sustainability standards for affordable grocery & household goods while providing a fun experience for environmentally conscious shoppers by researching and evaluating a curated set of suppliers and producers, to ensure the experience is ethical farm to table."
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# Reference:

# dir="/path/to/directory"
# cd "$dir"

for x in *; do
    if [ -f "$x" ]; then
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