You have to put action (process) toward your goal. Working on an action in your imagination (climbing mental the ladder) teaches you how to do it in real life.

If you climb the ladder when awake, on accident even though you are trying to use will power not to, you have just witnessed yourself in a flow state.

While you are in the flow state, the things you practice in your mental world will naturally emit out of you during your awake life.

You need to start visualizing ideas in your mental world to make money, pick the most meaningful path to you at this time and then visualize what you will do, who will help you, how you will do it, why, and just keep that life alive. If the universe presents you an opportunity you will have practiced and if you climb that ladder money will flow your way.

You do it without thinking almost like you can tell the future because in some ways you created the future through your thoughts and actions! You prepared yourself to see the opportunity and lead likely to miss out or mess up because you have already practiced!

Each night your visions should become more specific or more random depending on where you are in the journey and what your intentions are!

The first lesson had you learning how to climb a ladder in your mind, repetitively to install the motion into your unconscious so that when you are conscious you will be well practiced through repetition to make the best moves (action/process) in accordance with your vision.

You channel skills and mindset to bring a vision into reality. The unconscious is our default, not our conscious. This is why we practice working toward our vision not climbing just any old ladder but one of our OWN creative making. Say "no" to other people's visions unless aligned with your own. For me this means to NOT climb the corporate ladder! I want to become my own boss & I feel in most ways I already have!

Good luck!

For myself: I will not climb the YouTube ladder, I will share my most important work to the best of my ability in the now and I will attract people to help me.